Noise shields, screens and barriers, anti-noise door and gate

Noise shields are used in industry in the cases when, from technological reasons, neither a totally closed enclosure nor a semi-closed one can be used. These acoustic measures serve for shielding the environment from noise sources.
Suspension noise plates are used for attenuation of acoustic energy propagation in production shops. Noise screens and barriers prevent noise propagation alongside roads and railways.

Characteristic of the shield:

dimensions (length x width x height):         according to the requirements of the customer
noise attenuation:               
wall thickness:                                                 min. 30mm
type of construction:                                        acoustic panels
construction of acoustic panels: sandwich version, external covering with steel, aluminium or stainless steel sheets of the thickness 1 – 2 mm for robust panels.
Noise barriers alongside roads usually have wooden or plastic surface layer.
Suspension panel intended for production shops is a sandwich one, in the sheet frame, with loops possible accessories:               suspension wires
                                                                           anti-noise door, gate
                                                                           anti-noise windows

Noise shields, screens and barriers Noise shields, screens and barriers Noise shields, screens and barriers
Noise shields, screens and barriers Noise shields, screens and barriers

 (taken from Center of environmental hygiene of State Health Institute Prague)

Noise is every unwanted sound that is disturbing or troublesome or that affects adversely human health. Negative effects of noise on human health are partly specific ones, presented by disorders of the function of acoustic analyzer, partly non-specific ones (extra hearing), when functions of various systems of the organism are affected. These non-specific system effects appear almost in the whole range of noise intensities, frequently they are accompanied by stress reaction and impact on neurohumoral a neurovegetative regulation, biochemical reactions, sleep, higher nervous functions, such as learning and memory, impact on sensory motoric functions and coordination.


RNDr. B. Madejewski,CSc., Ing. V. Kotrba, CSc.

The article describes the design, calculation and test results noise attenuation of the noise hood for large industrial compressors driven by electric motors. Predicted noise attenuation (software UTLUM) has been validated by practical measurements at the customer¢s place.